AsSalam-o-Alaiykum w’R w’B

Different things are available in following different categories ……

  • Library: In library different types of books e.g Islamic, history, religious and story books also.

  • Media Section: This Main Menue contains following sub-sections . . .

  1. Tilawat: This section contains Recitations made by reknown Qurra-e-Kiram from all over the World.

  2. Bayanat:  Spiritual Lectures by Ulama-e-Haq.

  3. Hamd-o-Naat: Hamd (praise of Allah) & Naat (praise of Prophet (s.a.w)) by different presenters are here to listen.

  4. Nazam: Here are the Poems on different aspects of Deen, presented by different famous people. 

  • Software: You will find different types of softwares here.

  • Useful Sites:  Its a menue to consult different useful Islamic websites Links. Must See All!